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Circuit diagram categories



Audio amplifier circuit diagrams, but also preamp, equalizer, mixer and other electrical circuit diagrams.
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Controllers and timers

Timers, alarms, detectors and other sensor based circuit diagrams
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For your car

In this circuit diagrams category you can find speed meter, courtesy light, siren horns, etc.
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Light and LED

Very popular circuits! Running lights, stroboscope, light shows
[Enter Light and LED]


Miscellaneous electronics circuits
[Enter Miscellaneous]

PC related

Extend your PC using these circuits
[Enter PC related]

Power supplies

You need a power supply for your laboratory? Here are some electric diagrams of several types of power supply: high power, stabile voltage, battery charger, variable voltage etc.
[Enter Power supplies]


Am, fm transmitters, receivers, RF amplifiers, detectors, VHF, wireless microphones, spy bugs...
[Enter Radio]

Telephone related

Telephone circuit diagrams, phone bugs, custom ring tone... Make your phone glows when someone calls you and similar.
[Enter Telephone related]

Tools and measuring

Build your own electronics instrument for testing components and circuits, or temperature measuring device...
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