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02.Feb.2009. - 300 new diagrams!!!

16.Apr.2007. - PIC16F84A discolight effect with bass beat control project updated! New photos, diagrams and texts.

17.Mar.2007. - Ten new circuit diagrams in various categories.

26.Feb.2007. - Four new diagrams in audio category.

25.Feb.2007. - Five new diagrams in test and measuring category.

14.Feb.2007. - Several new diagrams. The most interesting for me is Bicycle Safety Light

14.Feb.2007. - Added site map for better navigation.

22.Dec.2006. - Two new transmitters added into radio category.

14.Nov.2006. - Three new circuits and first project added!

19.Oct.2006. - Four more circuits. The most interesting of them is maybe this one: Variable power supply.

17.Oct.2006. - Added five new schematics. Mostly in radio category.

19.Sep.2006. - Added "Garage - Shed Alarm" and "15 Watt Amplifier"

02.Sep.2006. - Ten new circuits added in several categories.

01.Sep.2006. - Added 6 Channel Disco Running Lights circuit diagram in Light category. Very nice and simple circuit.

25.Aug.2006. - Added some really cool diagrams in test and measuring category. Try this one: Digital Radar Speedometer.

20.Aug.2006. - Website has just started to operate. If You have any suggestion, or want to send us diagrams, ideas or requests, please contact us using this contact page.


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